We care about our home, our planet and we believe that following a path to wellness includes making our Earth a healthier place for us all. Here are just a few ways we strive to be Earth Conscious.


We use only water-based adhesives in our footwear, which is far less toxic to the air and people who work in footwear manufacturing, than traditional solvent and oil based alternatives. Many other glues such as Solvents, Radiation cured glues and Hot Melts have been shown to be extremely dangerous to peoples health. Water-based glues are a more responsible choice.

All our leather products are tanned using a vegetable-tanning process. Unlike other tanning processes, vegetable-tanning does not contain harmful chemicals. It uses the tannic acids naturally found in plants such as tree barks, leaves and some fruits. The production time using vegetable-tanned leathers can be lengthier but it's health benefits for those in and around the tanneries as well as the economic benefits for the local culture are a more responsible choice, and one that Earth beliefs strongly about.


All of our shoeboxes are glue-free. We've standardized the production of our shoeboxes so that they never contain glues or staples. We also use a hinge style lid, which reduces the amount of cardboard needed to make each box. This may seem small, but when thousands and thousands of boxes are being made each year, every inch adds up. Our boxes are also made from recyclable materials – so please be sure you're putting unwanted boxes in your recycling bin instead of the trash.


At Sole Technology, our environment commitment is a part of everything they do. It began with two simple words spoken by creator Pierre-Andre Senizergues...GIVE BACK, and has grown into a full blown environmental revolution. Starting from the ground up, Senizergues has infused his passion for the environment to ensure that their actions convey the same commitment towards environmental responsibility. Each small step leads closer to the ultimate goal of being carbon neutral by 2020.

Environmentally Driven Commitment

Our warehouse partner is first in the industry to create an Environmental Affairs Department and conduct an audit and analysis to help guide the way they change our business operations. The environmental Affairs Department is dedicated solely to the management and development of Sole Technology’s green initiatives. Conducted in 2007, the first-ever Ecological Footprint Survey took a 360-degree look company-wide at business operations and supply chain, though the journey began more then 10 years ago.


In 2009, they began reducing energy usage through solar panels and energy reduction initiatives. They are sourcing cleaner energy in a large portion of our footwear manufacturing - reducing our carbon footprint by 14%! With the ever-changing manufacturing landscape, Sole Technology remains committed to continue finding reduction solutions.


Sole Technologies has reduced their headquarters’ water usage by 35% through improvements to landscaping watering systems. In addition, by installing water saving toilets, they’ve saved the equivalent of more than 3 million bottles of beer annually.


60% of all waste in the company is diverted and recycled (2x’s the national average). In addition, all cardboard packaging and hang tags are 100% recyclable and are made of recycled materials.