About Us

The Earth® Footwear line is the latest in a growing portfolio of comfort-meets-fashion shoe for women from Earth Brands, each one grounded in the ideals of promoting a healthy lifestyle. The essence behind Earth® brand dates back more than 40 years when a young Danish yoga instructor observed that wellness – in its most organic form – should be part of everyday living, and then worked to develop a shoe to reflect that.

Today, the family of Earth Brands is represented by a passionate, talented and innovative product development group, wholly committed to crafting original designs – all based in wellness – and yet with an uncompromising flair for leading-edge fashion. Earth® is the newest offering to assimilate this vision by combining contemporary style, contemporary design, and everyday value into one singular and inspiring collection of footwear for women. Original designs allow the consumer to follow their own personal path to well-being as they create a total sensory experience for the mind, body and soul. Earth® – Walk your world.

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