Earth®   FAQ'S

Is Earth® a new line?

Yes! And it's like nothing you've ever seen before! The new Earth® line is a modern collection of office and dress casual styles that do not feature our trademark "negative heel". We still do offer "negative heel" product - under our separate label of Kalso Earth® Shoes The Earth® line, however, is a new offering within our Earth Brands portfolio that gives consumers more wellness footwear choices from which they can select.

What makes Earth® different from Kalso Earth® Shoes or Earthies®?

The new Earth® line is the latest in our portfolio of wellness-predicated shoe collections. It joins Kalso Earth® Shoes, the original wellness shoe that's defined by our trademark "negative heel", and Earthies®, a line of dress and dress casual shoes that bridge fashion and wellness.Earth® is a modern collection of office and dress casual styles that assimilate the everyday wellness vision of our company's founder, Anne Kalso, into an entirely new wellness footbed construction without a "negative heel." Every new Earth® style combines contemporary styling, contemporary comfort, and everyday value.

What happened to the "Negative Heel"?

The "negative heel" is not featured in our new Earth® collection, but is the defining feature in our heritage collection of footwear known as Kalso Earth® Shoes - the original wellness shoes. You may visit at anytime to view our entire collection of "negative heel" footwear.

How does sizing run in the new Earth® line?

While our new Earth® line does run true to size, there are many elements to consider that can affect shoe size and selection. Are your feet narrow? Are they on the wider side? How about your arches – are they high or low? How about your instep? Because everyone's feet are different, only you'll be able to make the proper determination for what feels most comfortable. The best way to learn your size is by trying on an Earth® style at a nearby retailer. Here's a link to our store locator that can help: Find a store near you.

Do new styles in the Earth® line come in narrow or wide widths?

At this time, our new Earth® styles are only being offered in standard medium (B) widths.

Where is the new Earth® line manufactured?

Consistent with the majority of the footwear industry, sourcing and manufacturing for the new Earth® line is based in China's special industrialized zones. Many of our relationships with partner factories have been in place for more than 10 years. Additionally, representatives from our company -- lead designers and executive management (including our CEO and president) -- are highly involved in development and production, visiting oversea factories on several occasions throughout the course of the year.

How can I request a catalog of the new Earth® line?

As part of being a "company with a conscience", and in an effort to minimize our environmental footprint, we actually develop our catalog seasonally for online presentation. It helps us to both save trees and reduce the cost and energy associated with mailing and shipping. To view the online version of our catalog, please visit and click on the icon, "View Our Online Catalog!"

How do I care for a new Earth® style?

Our leather Earth® styles can be wiped with a clean damp cloth and then treated with a cream conditioner (preferably an eco-friendly one!) to soften and prolong their life. Should they get happen to get scuffed, most shoe stores offer an assortment of polishes that can be used to revitalize the leather. Suede Earth® styles are best treated with a dry clean cloth and then brushed to remove dirt deposits. Although we are often asked, we do not ever suggest cleaning any of our styles in the washing machine.

Where can I find the new Earth® line so I may purchase them?

Please feel free to visit our online store locator at Find a store near you. It offers a wide variety of options to help facilitate your interest and purchase in the Earth® line!

Is there a lifetime warranty on new Earth® styles?

We stand proudly behind our products and want all consumers to be happy with their purchases. If you do feel that you have received a defective Earth® product, we first suggest you contact the retailer from where you purchased the shoes to set up an inspection. Given that everyone wears their shoes a little differently, we do not have a guaranteed life expectancy for our shoes, and subsequently do not offer a lifetime guarantee on any new Earth® styles.

What is the return/exchange policy for a new Earth® style?

As the sales of our footwear run through retailers who merchandise and showcase our product (i.e. no direct-to-consumer sales), we – as a company – do not offer direct returns or exchanges. Prior to making your Earth® purchase, we might suggest inquiring about the retail dealer's specific return policy. Each independently-owned and operated retail dealer, and online retail dealer, has their own unique procedure for inspections, returns and exchanges. If, for whatever reason, you feel that you have received a defective Earth® product, please contact the retail dealer from where you purchased the shoes to set up an inspection. Wherever you purchased your new Earth® style will likely dictate the process for a possible return/exchange. Most retail dealers will accommodate returns outside of their standard policy for shoes that reflect any type of defect at the factory/ manufacturing level. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate from filling out the fields in the adjacent window, and directing your inquiry to our attention.