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Earth, Inc. Debuts First Fall/Winter Footwear Collection under New Earth® Label

Renowned "Good-for-the-Body" Footwear Company Backs Up Spring/Summer 2012 Launch With Fall Assortment

WALTHAM, MA August 2012 – The company long associated with wellness footwear designed by a Danish yoga instructor with an unorthodox, and yet captivatingly-interesting “negative heel” design, has made a dramatic break from the norm with the introduction of its second full season of “positive heel” footwear under the newly re-invigorated Earth® label.

Expanding where it left off in Spring / Summer 2012, the new Fall / Winter Earth® line features a range of silhouettes and classifications defined by contemporary styling, contemporary comfort, and value-oriented price points.  In a few short months, the Spring / Summer 2012 collection has already left a decided impression on the marketplace by delivering a winning recipe to female shoppers, and the evolving nature of their buying needs.

The new Earth® label is the brainchild of 25-year shoe industry veteran, Gary Champion, and more than 40-year shoe industry veteran, Michel Meynard.  It leverages two intrinsic values: a longstanding company ethos to design footwear that’s good-for-the-body – authenticated by the company’s “negative heel” line known as Kalsø Earth® Shoes – along with an appreciable understanding for the marketplace, and the evolving interests of both retailers and consumers within the category of comfort shoes.

Earth, Inc. President, Gary Champion, comments, “There’s a void, a crease, in the market where a sizable portion of women are looking for reliable trend-right comfort footwear from a trusted brand that offers them something a little different – something with a little ‘twist’.  Our years of designing comfort footwear afford us a foothold in a category that’s been stagnating, and is now favorably reacting to the freshness we’re offering.  Our Spring / Summer 2012 introduction proved credibility in the concept.  Our Fall / Winter 2012 line now seeks to really exploit and amplify that.”

The new Fall / Winter 2012 Collection, developed by Michel Meynard and the company’s product development team, is an expansive lifestyle collection including shoes and boots, flats and heels, and tailored and casual styles that suit a variety of wearing occasions for the everyday woman.  The comfort proposition is upheld by a uniquely cushioned footbed with a padded heel area that displaces shock, reinforced arch support that helps stabilize the foot, and multi-density latex cushioning that provides extra comfort.  The stylistic design ‘twists’ are realized through the use of textural mixed media (i.e. suede/fur, suede with burnished leather), sculpted heel shapes, and even selective use of design accents like tassels, laces and grommets.  In its entirety, the new Fall / Winter Earth® Collection encompasses a true value-added alternative for the everyday woman and her everyday comfort needs.


Earth, Inc. Introduces Re-Vamped Earth® Brand for SS'12

Brand's Re-Scoping to Embrace 'Positive' Heel Heights Welcomes Exciting New "Life on Earth"

WALTHAM, MA July 2011 – Reflecting an expansion of its growing branded portfolio which currently includes wellness-based brands Kalsø Earth® Shoes and Earthies®, Earth, Inc. today announces the introduction of a re-vamped Earth® Brand for Spring / Summer 2012. The introduction not only complements Earth, Inc.'s growing portfolio of wellness footwear brands, but also aims to exploit a critical void in the footwear marketplace: women's dress casual and work shoes that provide contemporary styling with contemporary comfort at an everyday value.

The re-vamping of the Earth® Footwear label marks a notable aesthetic logo shift in the Earth, Inc. portfolio. Beginning in Fall / Winter 2011, Earth, Inc.'s existing line of "negative heel" product (which formerly featured the "Earth" logo) has been re-vitalized with its original logo -- Kalsø Earth® Shoe. In complement to the Earthies® logo which denotes Earth, Inc.'s line of fashion / wellness footwear, the new Earth® label slots in between the existing lines of Earth, Inc.'s 'wellness spectrum.' The new Earth® line will be comprised of flats and short heels with soft leather uppers, and multi-density latex cushioned footbeds with over padded heels and reinforced arch support.

Gary Champion, President, affirms the excitement behind the new launch of Earth®, "Simply stated, I believe there's a tremendous potential with our new Earth® brand – it's such a powerful name! When you couple the branding with the product design expertise that an industry leader like Chairman Michel Meynard brings to the table, you form an incredibly powerful combination. This new Earth® brand will become the meat n' potatoes of our branded wellness footwear stable. With its market-friendly price points, a wide cross-section of consumers will be able to access and quickly grow to love this brand. They'll be universally blown away by the combination of trend-right styling and unmistakable comfort that's designed into each and every style."

The new Earth® line will make a bold statement right out of the gate in Spring / Summer 2012 as it capitalizes on several 'hot' design trends in the marketplace. In complement to its multi-density latex cushioning in the footbed with padded heels and reinforced arch support, the styling of the Earth® line will be expressed through gorgeous sculpted wedges with delicate lazer-cut uppers in rich ruche suedes and sultry smooth leathers. This style and comfort combination will be effectively teased to consumers through the brand's tagline, "Step Into Wellness!"

New Spring / Summer Earth® styles will be previewed in July / August 2011 to retailers at the FFaNY, WSA, Platform and Atlanta Shoe Market trade shows. With MSRP's ranging from $79 to $99 USD, the new Earth® collection will begin shipping in December 2011. Several noteworthy styles are featured below:

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