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Trees Planted

The Beginning [1970 - 1971]

The first Kalso Earth Shoe store opens on East 17th street in New York City, coinciding with the world’s first celebration of Earth Day.

The Kalso Earth Shoe becomes the symbol of the ‘casual revolution’ started on college campuses around the country. Comfort and wellness inform the thinking of many progressive young people nationwide.

Becoming an Icon [1974 - 1980]

TIME Magazine publishes an extensive story on the Kalso Earth Shoe. Demand soars. A full-page ad appears in national publications stating, “Please Be Patient, We’re Making Our Shoes as Fast as We Can!”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art places a Kalso Earth Shoe in it’s permanent collection, securing its place as an icon that balances both form and function.

Unable to keep up with demand, the Kalso Earth Shoe in its first incarnation is no longer able to be sold in the United States. Regional networks of consumer loyalists develop - petitioning to bring back the Kalso Earth Shoe in some form.

Restoring [1990 - 2000]

Restoring the name and its technologies, the Kalso Earth Shoe is re-scoped and re-vitalized under a new company - Earth, Inc. New fashion-forward styling and an expanded assortment - all of which features the Kalso Earth Shoe’s signature “negative heel” - provide the underpinnings of the new enterprise.

We are Back! [2001 - 2004]

The Kalso Earth Shoe is officially re-launced. Noting re-emergence, famed European shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik, remarks in a June TIME Magazine article “....the Kalso Earth Shoe was the first shoe to ever make a social statement...”

Kalso Earth Shoe distribution expands into markets including Canada, Japan, Italy and Australia.

Leading the sustainable footwear design evolution, Earth, Inc. becomes one of the first shoe manufacturers to introduce water-based adhesives throughout 100% of its line.

Here to Stay [2008 - Present]

Reputable industry trade publication, Footwear Plus, honors Earth, Inc. with an “Excellence in Design” award.

Leveraging the 40th Anniversay of Earth Day, Kalso Earth Shoes celebrate their 40th birthday.

Earth, Inc. now launches new brands Earth® Footwear, Earthies®, and Earth Origins to add to their portfolio of wellness and fashion brands.