The Javelle
On the surface, the Earthies Javelle is simply a flirty little number … ready to go at a moment’s notice. But look beyond its lighthearted pleats and decorative center zip, and you uncover a distinctly contoured wellness footbed with multiple points of support as well as a carefully-balanced wedge heel underfoot. Flirtation is said to be attention without intention, but trust us, you’ll really want the Earthies Javelle.

[Platform Height: 0.39”; Heel Height: 2.60”]
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Every Earthies style features a unique molded footbed. A cupped heel sets the foot into the proper position. An anatomic arch increases touch points along the transition from the heel to the forefoot. And, a cradled toe area evenly distributed weight away from toes. This exclusive comfort design will exceed all your expectations - and delight your feet.
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The Javelle

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November 06, 2012

Couldn't Be Better

So very comfortable, great looking shoe. Finally a shoe I can wear all day and night!!!

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February 17, 2012

Edgy and fun

These are cute clogs but what makes them stand out, and stand out in a big way, are the soles. The sawtooth ridges are just SO deep and noticeable that I think they make the shoe. I used to be a careless walker but these have made me much more careful--careful to step on anything just to leave the cool tracks from these soles. Whenever it rains I will grab these shoes first because of the wonderful treads. There's a bit of mud beside the walk? I will step into it to leave my clog print. Spilled coffee on the floor of a store? Yep, right through it to track down the aisle. A stockperson left some cardboard on the floor? I will walk right on it, because these soles are hard enough to leave dents in it! A bonus if they are dirty enough to leave dark marks too. A hot dog in the parking lot? Without a thought, just stride right on it and keep going, crushing it flat and leaving deep dents all along it, and tracks for a few more steps. I even met another Earthies sole fan when I tracked ketchup and grease from a batch of fries into a store. The clerk saw the tracks and recognized them and then showed me her Earthies. i could tell she appreciated the traction as much as I did, since her soles were nearly as dirty as mine. She showed her careless side by standing on a dropped paper while we talked, and left a perfect dirty shoe print.

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