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Kalso Earth Prosper
Kalso Earth Shoe
With its breathable microfiber upper, soft collapsible heel for slip-on ease, and the trademark negative heel sole design found in every Kalso Earth™ Shoe, this sport casual is built to both maximize wellness, and ensure you'll look great while doing so. It's a good day when blending trendy styling and body-aligning comfort helps ensure you'll not only thrive, but Prosper.

  • Original negative heel design sets heels slightly lower than toes
  • Mimics walking barefoot in sand by naturally positioning body over frame
  • Better walking motion helps improve posture and reduce joint stress

[Platform Height: 1 1/8"]

Vegan-friendly style

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Kalso Earth Shoes: Prosper | Women's Comfort Shoe | Earth Brands Shoes Kalso Earth Shoes: Prosper | Women's Comfort Shoe | Earth Brands Shoes

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Inspired by yoga and deeply rooted in the belief that wellness should be part of everyday living. Our negative heel sole designs are still inspired by the mountain pose, just as originally created by Danish yoga instructor, Anne Kalsø, in the 1970's.
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Kalso Earth Prosper

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By: Linda Carolyn
November 22, 2016

Great for problem feet,.

I have these shoes and truly LOVE them. I am diabetic and have a lot of foot problems, the worst being that I put my weight on the ends of my toes when I walk, causing frequent and recurring diabetic ulcers, necessitating subsequent amputations. I've had enough of this, so my doctor, my sister and I went Ninja on my shoes and came to the conclusion that only negative heeled shoes were going to be in my wardrobe, warding off further infections and amputations. And by golly, this is working. I started wearing nothing but Kalso negative heeled shoes, especially the Prosper shoe, when I was just about 6 weeks out from my latest (and we're hoping my last) toe surgery. I've had no new ulcers develop and one ulcer I've had for 3.5 years is now healing up remarkably well. While this is is all empirical observation, I'm convinced that Kalso's neg heel design is now saving my toes and making my feet comfortable again. I've got such neuropathy that I sometimes can't tell i've got shoes on and with Kalso's, the Prosper and another style, a Mary Jane,, I find myself frequently looking down to make sure I have my shoes on. And I always do. They are just so comfortable and easy to wear. I am so happy with my new Kalso shoes and the condition of my feet that unless something very drastic and devastating happens, I will always be a Kalso gal. After this rave review on these wonderful shoes, I dio have to add one caveat. I have a problem from time to time with my foot leaning over a bit and the side of the shoe catches on the floor, causing me a near-fall event and on one occasion, an actual fall. I've learned to be careful in my stepping and walking posture to prevent this from happening so much. But it is a problem that I have to warn you about and look out for myself about. I consider it an important, but not fatal, flaw in this shoe. I don't have this problem in my Mary Janes, just the Prosper. I still wholeheartedly recommend them to people with painful and problem feet.

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By: Karen Sisk
September 28, 2016

Too Short

I love these shoes and have other pairs of Prosper that I love, But, these are just too short. Sizing is not consistent Hope you get more of this style. Best looking shoe.

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By: Amanda
August 20, 2016

I need an 11!

I love these shoes and desperately need to replace my worn out pair. What happened to Size 11??

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Cathy wrote:

Please do these come in size 11?

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Staff wrote:

Unfortunately we have sold out of size 11.

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Janet Schurko wrote:

I am looking for a pair of Kalso flip flops. The ones I have are very old and i wish to replace them.

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Staff wrote:

Hello, the only flip flop style we currently have with a negative heel is the Kalso Mystique.

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dianna wrote:

is the prosper a good shoe for diabetics. How do they fit size wise. if i'm a 9 in most shoes what size should I get?

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Staff wrote:

While we do have customers with diabetes, it's difficult for us to confirm that a particular style is good for any health condition. Only you and your doctor and determine what's best. The prosper does fit true to size.

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