Kalso Earth Harvest
Kalso Earth Shoe
Crafted with a unique back panel that allows it to work as a shoe or a slide - perfect for after yoga class or anytime you want to feel your best.

  • Soft, collapsible heel for slip-on ease
  • Exclusive yoga-inspired Kalso® sole with gentle incline
  • Made with non-toxic glues and partially recycled materials
  • Packaged in glue-free, uncoated, recyclable shoebox

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Kalso Earth Shoes:  Harvest | Women Kalso Earth Shoes:  Harvest | Women

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Kalso Negative Heel Technology

Inspired by yoga and deeply rooted in the belief that wellness should be part of everyday living. Our negative heel sole designs are still inspired by the mountain pose, just as originally created by Danish yoga instructor, Anne Kalsø, in the 1970's.
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Kalso Earth Harvest

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By: Leslye E.
November 07, 2017

Old Skool

Reminds me of Kalsø's past & the only true to tradition style left really, with the roomy toe box, soft leather in & out & of course the ever so natural negative heel, only present on a few of Earth's extensive line. I wish that you would get back to the original styling that we loved instead of all the cookie cutter shoes & boots now under the Earth label. I recently purchased some lace-up Earth Flora sneakers - they looked like they were comfy - so far from comfortable as one could get. The back heel area had a square cut which dug into my heel so bad I couldn't wear them out of the house. Just awful. I don't know who designed them but they need to pay attention to the anatomy of the foot before they design any more shoes. They went to the rear of the closet, where they sit unused, which is a waste of my hard-earned money. Meanwhile my old Zephyrs sit at the front, next to these swell Harvests. Save your pennies to buy 'em before the label Earth no longer makes any more traditional Kalsø negative heel products. How positively sad.

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By: Heather R.
October 20, 2017


I would love to see just a lace up pr of shoe designed like the original shoes.

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By: Susan
October 18, 2017

No School Like the Ol' School

I had the original Earth Shoes in the '70's and I LOVED them!! I bought these because of a recent bought of Sciatica at the recommendation of my Chiropractor. I love the shape of these shoes, because they are more 'true' to the original look when these first came out. I have 2 pair of this same style, and am enjoying them, however, I REALLY wish they would bring the original shoes (with shoe laces and tied) back. I like these shoes, but I find the elastic back slips down and I walk out' of my shoes. I'd prefer a more stable shoe back. Other than that, these are comfy and sassy!

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Lynn wrote:

After trying a number of Earth Shoes over the past 8 or 10 years, I too find the traditional Kalso negative heels are the only ones my feet can handle. I've heard that there has been research showing the negative heel isn't really good after all. Well, whether or not that is true, THEY'RE GOOD FOR ME. I first tried them before I had bunion surgery, and finally my foot was comfortable. I now have had 2 bunion surgeries on my left foot. The first one failed, second one resulted in my big toe not touching the floor. This has caused balance problems and pain in the smaller toes now handling the balance function. Right foot has bunion, pain (sometimes severe) and balance issues. I'm being so explicit to add emphasis to the plea from Old Skool. PLEASE offer more selections in the negative heel. There are many of us who need and want the negative heel. Please don't let us down. I'm about to order a pair of these, although on Social Security I can't afford it. I've been checking frequently for them to go on sale, but I don't want to miss out. I don't have an alternative that works for my health.

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Aleise wrote:

Hello, I'm very eager to buy a pair of Earth Harvest shoes in black 10M. Will you be getting more in stock soon? Otherwise can you recommend a store near zip code 11106? Your store locator wasn't working for me at all. Thank you!

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Staff wrote:

Hi Aleise, thanks for reaching out to us. We won't have the Harvest back in stock anytime soon. We're planning on a re-launch of the Kalso brand for the Fall of 2018.

The closest store in zip code 11106 isSHOE PARLOR - 851 7th Ave, Manhattan. I hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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Mary E.Olson wrote:

Where in my area Janesville,Wi..53545 can find the neg.heal loafer.? Size 9.5-10

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Staff wrote:

Hi Mary,

Try our store locator to find the closest place to purchase Earth shoes!

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Brenda wrote:

My daughter has a job where she stands on a cement slab floor. She's required to wear special slip-resistant shoes. Does the Harvest have a slip-resistant sole? Do you sell an insole that can be inserted into a shoe that will convert it to a negative heel? I know that's stretching the idea, because of individual shoe construction, but one can hope.

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