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Kalso Earth Mirage
Kalso Earth Shoe
The lace-up winter boot that warms you all over - with its soft lining, laidback looks and wellness-minded inclined sole.

  • Soft lining for cozy warmth
  • Exclusive yoga-inspired Kalso® sole with gentle incline
  • Made with non-toxic glues and partially recycled materials
  • Packaged in glue-free, uncoated, recyclable shoebox

Select Color : Bridle Brown

Kalso Earth Shoes: Mirage | Women's Comfort Shoe | Earth Brands Shoes Kalso Earth Shoes: Mirage | Women's Comfort Shoe | Earth Brands Shoes

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Inspired by yoga and deeply rooted in the belief that wellness should be part of everyday living. Our negative heel sole designs are still inspired by the mountain pose, just as originally created by Danish yoga instructor, Anne Kalsø, in the 1970's.
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Kalso Earth Mirage

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By: liza
November 09, 2016


I already wrote a review but they did not post it. It is a waste of money. First, you need help to get these boots off your feet if you are in an emergency another person have to take them off, well, if you are in your 20's you do not need help. I needed help and they are very difficult to put back the laces time consuming, it is frustrating. It provokes a heel pain as they are hard above the heel. The only good thing they do provide warm.

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DB Hanna wrote:

I have two words for you: Boot Jack.

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By: Bette Herring
May 31, 2016

I love this boot. I had a pair 40 years

This is a great looking boot.

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By: Holly
January 23, 2016

These boots have changed my life!

I just discovered negative heel technology and it has transformed my world. I have bunions and a joint issue with my left toe that is extremely painful. The issue causes the joint in my left toe to hyperextend with every step. I saw a podiatrist and he made me orthotics that are unfortunately useless. I came to the realization that I might have a problem that just can't be fixed medically. Then one day I told my friend I wish they made a shoe that lifted your toes instead of your heel and she told me there is! I discovered Kalso and have ordered several pairs. This is the best style hands down. Not only are they semi stylish but they are SO comfortable. For some reason this particular style reduces my foot pain the most. I wore them all day yesterday and not only did they keep my feet warm and toasty but my toe didn't bother me at all. I usually wake up each day with my toe stiff and inflamed but not today. The shoe eliminates the pain while walking and reduces my normal daily inflammation. My life is changed. Now I don't need to dread walking the dog, walking to the store or even walking around the office. I am so happy with this purchase!

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Chelsea Hansen wrote:

Are these boots true to size?

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Staff wrote:

Yes, this style runs true to size.

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vicki mercier wrote:

Is the insole removable from the Mirage boot? Thanks, Vicki

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Staff wrote:

Unfortunately the insole is not removable for this style.

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mdi wrote:

Are the boots water-resistant? Can they be treated with water and stain repellent?

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Staff wrote:

These are not considered water resistant, however they can certainly be treated with repellent.

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Chelsea HansenChelsea wrote:

Are these boots true to size?

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