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With its breathable microfiber upper, soft collapsible heel for slip-on ease, and the trademark negative heel sole design found in every Kalso Earth™ Shoe, this sport casual is built to both maximize wellness, and ensure you'll look great while doing so. It's a good day when blending trendy styling and body-aligning comfort helps ensure you'll not only thrive, but Prosper.

  • Original negative heel design sets heels slightly lower than toes
  • Mimics walking barefoot in sand by naturally positioning body over frame
  • Better walking motion helps improve posture and reduce joint stress

[Platform Height: 1 1/8"]

Vegan-friendly style

Select Color : Military Green

Kalso Earth Shoes: Prosper | Women's Comfort Shoe | Earth Brands Shoes Kalso Earth Shoes: Prosper | Women's Comfort Shoe | Earth Brands Shoes Kalso Earth Shoes: Prosper | Women's Comfort Shoe | Earth Brands Shoes

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Inspired by yoga and deeply rooted in the belief that wellness should be part of everyday living. Our negative heel sole designs are still inspired by the mountain pose, just as originally created by Danish yoga instructor, Anne Kalsø, in the 1970's.
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By: Amanda
August 20, 2016

I need an 11!

I love these shoes and desperately need to replace my worn out pair. What happened to Size 11??

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By: Sharon Perez
August 20, 2016

No size 11??

Why no size 10 1/2 or 11? There are lots of us who were a size 10 1/2 or 11. Some have foot problems. I have swelling and foot problems. The Prosper is a fantastic shoe! It is so soft and light weight. I came here in hopes of getting 1 or 2 pair, any color, in a size 11. I have worn my black Prosper, going on the 3rd year, they wear well. Please bring back the larger size and don't discontinue this shoe.

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By: Mary Ann Van Horn
August 16, 2016

Very comfortable

Light and comfortable. Color was as shown. True to size. Flexible.. I would buy them again.

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Ellen wrote:

I just received a pair of these shoes Prosper size 10. I will have to return them because they are just a bit too small to keep Morton's Neuroma at bay. I know you don't have a size 10.5, but will this shoe ever be restocked in a size 11? Thanks! Ellen

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Joy wrote:

Are the rest of the shoes other than the 4 listed as vegan of this brand not vegan?

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Erin Calandra wrote:

Can you use the Kalso Earth Prosper shoes as running shoes?

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Staff wrote:

No, the Kalso Earth Prosper is not a technical running shoe.

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Li VaLiza wrote:

The only atletic shoe they used to have for riding a bike, cicling classes, brisk walking, diabetic feet and staying all day on your feet is the Glide Vegan I bought more than 10 pairs beside I only wear kalso earth shoes but they discontinue the line I do not know why. I said they are diabetic feet friendly because these shoes have a very ample and big toe box and they come in wide too. I have written everyone in the company and the CEO's and they do not care. The only answer they gave once customer service is that they need a request of a 1000 pairs in order to proceed to order those shoes. I also used to wear those shoes for working because I was the whole day on my feet. Instead they continue to make or offer those horrible and uncomfortable prosper and intrigue which are very tigh only for people with narrow feet and the elastic band in the heel is very uncomfortable give me pain in the achilles tendon

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