Kalso Earth Solar
Kalso Earth Shoe
Shining as brightly as ever, our most beloved Kalso Earth™ style now casts an even longer shadow! No plain Mary Jane, the Solar features eye-catching patent leather options while still touting its trademark Kalso negative heel sole. With better posture and reduced joint stress, you just can't help but bask in the after-glow.

  • Original negative heel design sets heels slightly lower than toes
  • Mimics walking barefoot in sand by naturally positioning body over frame
  • Better walking motion helps improve posture and reduce joint stress

[Platform Height: 3/4"]

Select Color : Black Vintage

Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women Kalso Earth Shoes: Solar | Women

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Kalso Negative Heel Technology

Inspired by yoga and deeply rooted in the belief that wellness should be part of everyday living. Our negative heel sole designs are still inspired by the mountain pose, just as originally created by Danish yoga instructor, Anne Kalsø, in the 1970's.
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Kalso Earth Solar

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By: Nancy
September 15, 2017

Kalso Earth Shoes

Hi, Hopefullly Kalso Earth Shoes will be around for another 30 years. I wore them in the 70's. Then they disappeared. I found them again about seven years ago. It is all i wear. Recently, i had a total knee replacement and could not wear the shoes. I had to wear slippers. Within 30 days the callouses returned to the bottom of my feet and the tops of my hammer toes and i could hardly walk again. Kalso Earth Shoes are the best. Pretty much the only shoes i can wear and be able to walk without pain. NH

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By: Elizabeth Palmer
September 11, 2017

Comfortable Shoes

I can only wear Kalso Earth Shoes now due to having chronic seasamoiditis. It is the only type of shoe that provides me w/ pain relief when I am walking. Good arch support and soft footbed add addtional cushioning and comfort. The color though isn't a true dark navy blue like most leather shoes are. It is closer to what a pre-washed denim navy color would be. That is the only thing I would change about them. However, they match close enough to wear w/ both casual and dressier pants or a dress.

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By: Elizabeth Palmer
September 11, 2017

Comfortable shoes

I can only wear Kalso Earth brand shoes now to provide pain relief for my chronic sesamoiditis. These shoes are something I can wear both for a casual look or w/ a dress/dress pants too. Extremely comfortable to wear, provide good arch support and the footbed is soft too, which provides extra cushioning..

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Deborah Yager wrote:

I am very sad to see you are no longer making the Solar shoe in wide widths. I don't know what I am going to do now as these shoes are needed by me to have pain free feet. Can you assist me in trying to find a store that still has a pair in stock? Thank you

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brianna wrote:

hi, i am wondering if the kelso mary jane shoe in navy and in black will come back in in a size 7? also feed back: i have not yet been to find a tennis shoe comparable to the older more traditional style...mine all have holes in them now and the only shoe i can feel most comfortable in with my arthritis. i was told that kelso was wanting to go more with what is in style nowadays however the older style was really helpful for my issue and others from what i have read. please reconsider bring back some more styles in closer to how they started. thank you kindly.

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Gladys Reiling wrote:

I have worn and loved the Kalso Solar shoes for several years. Now, sad to say, I can't buy them in the wide size that I need. Why are they no longer available in wide sizes?

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1 Comment

Julie wrote:

They are not available in any sizes no matter the width. I have asked several times if they will be getting more sizes in with zero response.

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