Benefits of
Planting a Tree

1. Good to the Earth

Everything from driving your car to simply exhaling adds carbon dioxide (CO2) to the environment, which contributes to climate change. Trees absorb CO2—keeping the planet cooler and our bodies healthier.

2. Pure as it gets

Tree leaves and bark act as filters—pulling all kinds of pollutants out of the air we breathe.

3. Take a deep breath

Just one acre of trees can provide a year of oxygen for eighteen people.

4. Stay cool

There's no denying it—cities heat up in the summer. Trees shade the heat-absorbing pavement and can cool a city by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Save your energy

In the same way they keep cities cool, tree shade can keep your home cool—cutting your air conditioning bill in half.

6. Make a splash

Shady yards keep evaporation to a minimum, dramatically reducing how much water lawns need.

7. Keep it clean

Trees act like a giant umbrella for the earth below them—preventing storm water from carrying pollutants to the world's oceans.

8. Stay put

On steep slopes, trees prevent heavy rains from whisking away soil.

9. Say no to UV

Sitting in the shade doesn't just cool you down—it keeps you safe from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause skin cancer.

10. Have a bite

Plant an apple tree and you just might end up with 20 bushels of fruit every year. Beyond our own nourishment, a single tree can provide food for hundreds of birds and other wildlife.

11. Get well soon

As amazing as it sounds, studies have shown that just looking at trees is good for us: hospital patients with leafy views get better faster.

12. Healthy, wealthy and wise

Trees create jobs—whether it's from their fruit or their wood, which can be used in furniture-making, building homes and heating.

13. Watch and learn

From building a tree house to simply climbing an old oak, trees inspire us and give us fresh perspectives.

14. Home sweet home

Deep in the woods or right in the city, trees give wildlife a home—a place for birds, insects and small mammals to cozy up and feel secure.

15. Warm up time

When wood is burned in a modern woodstove, it burns cleanly and eliminates the CO2 emissions caused by transporting oil from around the world.